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Ways to Renovate Your Bathroom

Posted by on Nov 13, 2017

Ways to Renovate Your Bathroom

In 2014, the expenses on home improvement in UK increased by 14%. The Office of National Statistics reveals that an average family spent around £920 on home renovation and improvements in 2014. The Barbour ABI’s lead economist, Michael Dall revealed that home improvement is more popular in boroughs as compared to the metropolitans.

The patterns of spending on house improvements have greatly changed after recession. If you are also planning to renovate your bathroom then have a look on these easy techniques of renovating on low budget and making the best use of limited space.

Calculate the Cost of a Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms can be remodelled into deluxe bathrooms, energy-saving bathrooms, space saving bathrooms, and more categories. The cost of a space saving bathroom is certainly lower than the cost of a deluxe bathroom. Evaluate your needs and priorities and select a category. Now create a budget for bathroom remodelling. Add at least 30% extra cost in this budget to overcome the unexpected expenses. Make sure to include all items in the list. Then visit the market to evaluate the prices of different categories of bathroom.

Illuminate with Elegant Lighting

Do you know that you can give a luxurious touch to your simple bathroom with efficient lighting? In a well-lit bathroom, the layers of light are embedded in a way that they illuminate the interior along with ensuring the comfort of users. You can choose from rooftop lighting to fancy lights and chandeliers, deluxe lights, or accent lights.

Change the Tiles and Resurface Other Items

The colour and texture of tiles gives the personality to your bathroom. If you want to change the tiles then make sure to select a different colour. If you have neon tiles in your bathroom then choose a nude colour this time like beige and coffee brown. If you have patterned tiles then choose plain, embossed, or characteristic tiles. Now resurface bathtub, pedestal sink, and other items by simply repainting them. You do not need to change them at all, if they are in good condition.

Add life

Bathroom artwork is expensive. However, you can add some colour and life by following the given tips.

  • Hang flowery curtains on the windows.
  • Choose a bright coloured shower curtain.
  • Put bright coloured mat.
  • Add a beautiful air purifying plant.
  • Hang a nature’s painting.
  • Paste wallpaper on the roof to make it decorative as well as bright. You may also paste the wallpaper on walls but, it will make the bathroom look packed.
  • Install new handles on the cabinets.
  • Add a small chandelier on the roof.

Make it More Functional

A fancy bathroom with leaking sink is of no use. Make sure to check and fix the bathroom to make it more functional. Fix the broken tiles, replace the broken glasses, repair the broken hand wash container and install new toothbrush hanger.

You do not need a king-size bathroom with Jacuzzi for comfort. These renovations can brighten up a small bathroom and make it more usable and functional.

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